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Within the framework of RTI partnerships, scientists from various disciplines work on a specific topic together with non-scientific actors (e.g. from the fields of education, business, administration and society) and network in a sustainable, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner. In this way, development strategies for Lower Austria as an RTI hub can be worked out, cooperative research projects in new consortia made possible and/or joint innovation projects launched.

Based on clearly defined issues and challenges within the fields of action of the RTI Strategy Lower Austria 2027, the establishment of new networks and thematic groups is supported that are of particular social, economic or ecological importance for Lower Austria. This contributes to a sustainable strengthening of research performance and innovative strength in Lower Austria in specific topics. The RTI partnerships are particularly suitable for solving societal challenges due to their transdisciplinary orientation, the exchange of knowledge between different groups of actors and the combination of scientific and practical knowledge.

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