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100 Years Lower Austria 2022

Basic Research Projects

Lower Austria is celebrating its 100th birthday today as an independent province of the Republic of Austria. The starting point for this was the so-called separation law for Vienna and Lower Austria, which came into force on January 1, 1922. The focus during the anniversary year is on the continuous development of a Lower Austrian provincial identity with strengths, challenges and opportunities.

In 2022, cultural, educational and socio-political activities are intended to trigger impulses for people of all generations across the state in order to further develop Lower Austria  in a historically aware and future-oriented manner.

For this reason, the call “100 years of Lower Austria” has been published during the anniversary year.

Basic research projects, which deal with the cultural, educational and/or socio-political or democratic-political development of Lower Austria, can be submitted for this call. The call will provide funding for projects that adress the historical development (past 100 years) or that highlight relevant, evidence-based perspectives for the future cultural, educational and/or socio-political or democratic-political development Lower Austria.

Award process

end of submission
end of evaluation
Announcement of the award
project start
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