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RTI-Projects applied research

The funding of applied research projects is intended to strengthen scientific research in the fields of action of the Lower Austria RTI Strategy 2027, which can contribute to solving societal challenges in the short, medium or long term, or which has societal or economic benefits.

The targeted expansion of research competencies in Lower Austria contributes to the profile of Lower Austria as a research hub and promotes excellent and internationally visible research. Lower Austrian colleges, universities, non-university research institutions and companies are thus also supported in participating successfully in calls for existing national and international research funding programs and in entering into increased cooperation with international partners.

The networking of various institutions in project consortia is an important aspect in ensuring the dynamic development of Lower Austria as an RTI hub.

FAQs 2021

Is the funding rate 65% applicable to all organizations?

Yes, the funding rate of 65% applies to all eligible costs for all institutions.

Can the remaining 35% be provided as in-kind services?

The 35% contribution results from the difference between the funding and the eligible costs. All eligible costs are funded at 65%.

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