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Within the framework of RTI Citizen Science, research projects are funded in which citizens actively develop new knowledge, new technologies or new innovations as project contributors, researchers or project leaders together with Lower Austrian colleges, universities and non-university research institutions. The goal is to sustainably anchor Citizen Science in society and science in order to contribute to solving current societal challenges.

In the spirit of open science, citizen science projects facilitate a dialog between science and society and a transfer of knowledge in both directions.

The knowledge of citizens can thus flow directly into scientific research and enable new questions and insights. By engaging with citizens, science not only receives new impulses, but also direct feedback regarding the practical relevance of the results, which leads to a high social benefit of the projects.

Citizen science projects also arouse curiosity and interest in science and research and promote the scientific maturity of citizens, i.e. the competence to classify and evaluate highly complex information from science and research. Citizen Science projects thus contribute to an increase in knowledge of all actors involved.

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