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Support for the acquisition and expansion of scientific equipment infrastructures improves the technical equipment of Lower Austria's colleges, universities and non-university research institutions, facilitates outstanding research and helps raise the profile of the region. This increases the attractiveness and competitiveness of Lower Austria as a science hub and strengthens its innovative power. The cooperative use of infrastructures by several institutions further enhances this benefit.

FAQs 2021

Are COMET centers eligible for an application?


Are personnel costs related to the infrastructure eligible for funding?


Is the duration of the construction of the infrastructure funded?


Are infrastructure accessories that are necessary for use (but e.g. bought from another company) eligible for funding?

If it is an economic entity, then these costs are eligible.

Are maintenance costs that are directly attributable to the funded infrastructure eligible for funding?


Do activities within the framework of funded research projects (e.g. FFG basic program) fall under "non-commercial use"?

This needs to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the funding agency.

Are structural measures eligible for funding?

Only research infrastructure that is subsequently used for research purposes is funded.

Can a combination of devices required for one type of analysis be submitted as one infrastructure?

Basically, an infrastructure bundle can be funded. However, the need for the combination of different devices must be presented and justified in a comprehensible manner. Ideally, the devices do form an economic unit.

Can IT infrastructure be funded, e.g. to collect data?

Basically yes, if it is not basic equipment.

Can you please go into more detail on the topics of environment, climate and resources? How open are these topics given?

The field of action is very open; details can be found in the tender document.

Do letters of intent (LOIs) from companies with whom you would like to work together on cooperative research projects make sense, or is it "only" about other research institutions?

LOIs are generally useful, regardless of the type of cooperation partner.

Is it relevant to describe how cooperation partners will use the infrastructure?

The strategy for preparing the proposal is defined by the project partners. The planned use can be described both in Part C and in the LOIs. However, it is the responsibility of the lead partner to ensure the consistency and coherence (sanity check) before the proposal submission.

Do operating costs (e.g. material and personnel for analyses, without profit) that are charged to cooperation partners count as economic activity?

Basically yes, but this needs to be discussed individually. Please contact the funding agency.

If the institution is not „vorsteuerabzugsberechtigt“, can the purchase be based on the gross purchase price?


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