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RTI Projects Basic Research 2021

Public Health

"Public health" deals with the health of the population, in particular with the prevention of diseases, the promotion of health and the prolongation of life. This subject area is strongly interdisciplinary. The topic of the call particularly includes the following focal points:

  • Health promotion and prevention
  • Health services research
  • Digitalisation and innovation in the health sector

Health promotion and prevention: This focus deals with the maintenance and promotion of health as well as the prevention of diseases. This includes all areas of health, explicitly also psychosocial aspects.

Health services research: Projects can be submitted to this priority area that deal with questions of health care, specifically with organisation, management and financing. The main focus is located at the interface of clinical, psychological, social, economic and legal research.

Digitalisation and innovation in the health sector: The focus here is on digital transformation as well as innovations in the field of public health.

Award process

end of submission
end of evaluation
Announcement of the award
project start
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