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RTI-Citizen-Science 2023

The FTI-Citizen-Science 2023 Call focuses on the comprehensive participation of citizen scientists in research projects and thus on the in-depth exchange between science and the general public.

Proposals for citizen science projects can be submitted for all fields of action of the RTI Strategy Lower Austria 2027. These include:

  • Health and nutrition
  • Environment, climate and resources
  • Digitalisation, intelligent production and materials
  • Society and culture

The scientific need for the comprehensive participation of citizen scientists in the processing of the research topics has to be presented in the proposal in a comprehensible manner. The relevance of the Citizen Science approach for the project results from whether the research question could be answered without the participation of Citizen Scientists and from the explanation of which scientific findings can be gained through the participation of Citizen Scientists. 

Award process

end of submission
end of evaluation
Announcement of the award
project start
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