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RTI Infrastructure 2022

Digitalisation, smart production and material

Within the framework of the RTI infrastructure call, funding is provided for the acquisition for the establishment and expansion of research infrastructure in the area of non-economic use.

The research infrastructure is intended to improve the technical equipment of the universities and non-university research institutions located in Lower Austria, to facilitate outstanding research and to contribute to the profile of the location. This increases the attractiveness and competitiveness of Lower Austria as a research location and strengthens its innovative power. The cooperative use of research infrastructures enhances this benefit.

The call "RTI Infrastructure 2022" is announced in the field of action "Digitalisation, smart production and material" of the RTI Strategy of Lower Austria 2027.

Award process

end of submission
end of evaluation
Announcement of the award
Evaluation: until May 7, 2023
project start

The submission period for this call has ended.
The submitted applications are currently in the review process.

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